Where can I watch / download your subs? 
Check out our 'Releases' or "Subbing Status" section located above. We listing our Youtube and download links in there.

Why the quality of streaming in Youtube so bad?
Youtube always reduces the quality of the video so if you want to see the subbed video in original quality you can download the avi file (we provide the download links).

Why the avi format videos are in parts? Can I have 1 full download link?
Sadly, our internet upload speed isn't too good. So we prefer to split the files into some parts to avoid upload process being failed.

I have downloaded all the parts of the video, how I can watch the video?

  • Make sure all parts are in the same folder, with exactly same name files except the .001, .002, .003, etc
  • Use HJSplit to join the files, you can download it here.
  • Open HJSplit and click JOIN.
  • On Input File choose the .001 you have finished downloaded.
  • Select START.
  • You can close HJSplit once joining process is done.
  • Go to the folder where you saved the files, and you will find a new ONE .avi file.
  • You can watch the .avi file with Windows Media Classic, GOM Player, etc. If it didn't work maybe you don't have necessary codecs, you can download K-Lite codecs pack to support playing the file.
  • You can delete the .001, .002, .003 you previously downloaded.

Why there's only English subbed from Supernova's Japanese videos?
At the moment we only have Japanese translator, if in the future we have Korean translator, we will definitely sub Korean videos too.

I'm sorry but I'm a grammar nazi, why the English translation is so bad?
We never say we will provide perfect English translation, most of us are not native speakers, so we only speak fair English. We are trying to improve our releases in the future.

Why there's no Youtube links for Supernova's movie "Kimi ni Love Song wo"?
We decided not to upload the movie to Youtube, as Japanese copyright is really strict. They will definitely delete our videos or even worst our Youtube channel could be suspended. So if you want to watch the movie with English subbed, you can download the avi file instead.

Can I reupload the files to youtube or other streaming site or other forum?
i'm sorry but we never give permission to reupload our subbed videos to ANYWHERE ELSE. Feel free to direct your friends to this blog to watch or download our videos.

Where is the password for download links? I can't see it!
The passwords are placed under download links. It's hidden with blocked grey color. All you have to do is highlighting it with your cursor. This is one of simple way to prevent hotlinks. If we detect any hotlinking to our download links, firstly we may change the passwords without any prior notice.