Join Us!

We are hiring new members to join our team. Here are the positions we are looking for :

Korean & Japanese Translators :

  • Urgently needed! Beginners are welcome which mean if you don't have any experiences in other fansubs is also okay.
  • Don't worry if you think your English isn't good, we have editor to perfect your English translation.

Timers :

  • Preferably experience timers, please include links to your works.
  • Familiar with aegisub.

Karaoke Timer :

  • Experience karaoke timers are urgently needed, please include links to your works.
  • Familiar with aegisub.

Encoder / Uploader :

  • Beginners are welcome, we will teach you how to encode.
  • Fast internet is a MUST!

General requirements :

  • We need dedicated team members. You can join other fansubs too but please be there and participate when we have projects.
  • Preferably have Email / MSN / YM / Twitter so we can discuss about the projects.
  • Most importantly you have to love Supernova! because working as a fan will motivate you more ^^ this is called fansub for nothing right?

If you are interested, please contact us at with copy paste this following application form :

Position :
Name :
Age :
Timezone :
Languanges :
Email / MSN / YM / Twitter :
Links to your works (if available) :
# To Uploader, please also attach your Speedtest result.

We will reply as soon as possible, if after 2 days you haven't heard from us, you can reach Dianne or Merry on twitter. We are online in there 24/7 ^^ Thank you for applying!