"Welcome to Super6Stars Subs....!!!"

We are fan-subbing team that specialized in Supernova (which also known as ChoShinSung, ChoShinSei, or ChaoXinXing) videos. We providing English subbed videos to all Supernova fans. Our aim are to introduce Supernova in hope that many people will become Supernova fans and spreading Supernova love internationally. 

We are still new in fan-subbing, so please excuse our inexperience. Still, we are trying our best to give good English subbed videos and article translations. Currently we don't accept any request yet because there are lots of priority videos to be subbed. But as the time goes on, we will keep improving and will be ready to accept your requests.

We created this blog to inform about the progress of our works and listing the streaming links of unlisted videos on Youtube. Unlisted videos are the videos that already deleted from our main Youtube channel. Safe videos can still be accessed in our main YouTube channel, but due to YouTube copyright rules, from now on we will unlist our streaming video links so you can see the unlisted streaming video links in here.

Please kindly to spare a moment to read our Rules. Your willingness to follow our rules, is a manifestation of your support to us and we really appreciate it.

We are searching for Japanese and Korean translators. Please check "Join Us!" section for more details. Let's join and help us to provide more subbed videos!